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Hi Everyone, Thanks for visiting my piercing gallery. I have been piercing professionally since 1992 and was trained by Master Body Piercer Mike Natali aka Mr. Bravo (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) I owned and operated Royal Oak Tattoo in R.O. (Detroit), Michigan 1992-2002 and Happy Valley Tattoo in Pleasant Grove, Utah 2002 - 2009. Now I am located in Ferndale Michigan I really enjoy piercing and have the greatest clients. I also tattoo (since 1990), although I have taken a break from that the last couple years. I think I might do some tattooing again now that I am back in Michigan. I believe I received superior training compared to most piercers (who are generally taught in the "Gauntlet" style and I am grateful to be able to pass that on to new young piercers who train under me. I think that my background in anatomy and physiology and my dedication to "precision" have been a great asset to my work and given me and my clients a real advantage regarding the quality of their piercings and resolution of healing issues. I also am pursuing a music career that was postponed while I raised my six kids which you can also find out about from my website. I am moving my tattoo pics to a tattoo gallery. You are invited to also visit there. (link to be posted) In addition to all that, I am CEO of UBU Ministries which is dedicated to the individual spiritual journey via living the Golden Rule. www.ubu-ministries.org Best Wishes to all my great clients and friends. Doc


Profile Link: http://www.BodyMods.org/DocLoco

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