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I am never on this site but it is another place to put some of my pictures, so if you want to contact me go thru either inkednation.com/Gauge or myspace.com, I hope that everyone checking out these pictures enjoys what they see as much as I enjoyed doing them. I believe that body modification is an expression of an experience, and that everyone who comes to me should get what they are looking for. Whether it be the cleanest possible most professional experience or an all together positive head change helping you to reach your goals in life and forget about the negative even if only for a few mintues. Much love and respect to all of my fellow colleagues trying to make a difference in peoples lives, Keep up the good fight.

407 State Street (Between Gutierrez and Haley)
Santa Barbara CA 93101 US
Phone: 805.897.3815

Profile Link: http://www.BodyMods.org/Gauge

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    3/20/2012 7:32 AM

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