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corkscrew earrings
corkscrew earrings Handmade borosilicate glass earrings for big holes. Beautiful and durable. These pairs are well matched and sized. Available in almost any color!!! Glass is safe for most people-do not order silver colors if you have metal allergies. These usually retail for $30 to $40 per pair.
Sizes and colors available: please specify size and color when ordering:
6ga.(4mm)-cobalt blue, green
4ga.(5.2mm)black, teal sparkle
2ga.(6.5mm)blue moon(silver)
please email me if you would like to see pictures of the specific colors available.
You may order any color you like in any of these sizes-just email me-it will take an extra 2-4 days for colors not listed here. I will update this page as color availability changes.


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some color examples
350 x 263 pixels  (36 KB)

on model
350 x 263 pixels  (17 KB)
these can be worn a few ways... this way looks like you have 2 holes!

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