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Russ Foxx
http://russfoxx.com I am a professional body artist specializing in precision piercing, advanced modification, scarification and ritual experience. More specifically, my practices include body piercing (freehand, temporary & conventional), adult piercing, surface piercing (punch & taper), pocketing (microdermal anchors & flesh staples), scarification via scalpel, large gauge dermal punches, body suspensions and pulls, transdermal & subdermal implants, splits, ear sculpting (pointing, repairs), etc. I have been practicing body art since 2000 and completed a training seminar with the Association of Professional Piercers in 2003. I owned and operated a body art studio in Alliston, Ontario for about 5 years before relocating to the beautiful province of British Columbia! I am currently working toward a degree in medicine. Body suspension plays a major role in my life and has influenced who I am today. I have personally experienced over 30 suspensions of different types with varying amounts and sizes of hooks; including vertical, horizontal and modified suspensions. I am the founder of "Modern Body Suspension " (a Vancouver-based suspension team) and frequently host indoor and outdoor "SusCons" all over Canada. Some of my body art-related hobbies include sideshow acts and performance art, so keep an eye on my blog to stay informed of future events! I am available for travelling, workshops, demonstrations and guest spots by request. I am a board member of the Church of Body Modification. http://uscobm.com I am a staff member of AskBME where I answer body art-related questions for the public. http://www.askbme.com I am available by appointment at The FALL Tattooing & Artist's Gallery 7 days a week: The FALL Tattooing & Artist's Gallery 644 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3K4 (604) 676-3066 http://thefalltattooing.com

Russ Foxx
644 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC   CA

Profile Link: http://www.BodyMods.org/RussFoxx

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