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I currently have been piercing professionally since 2002, and am certified in Adult CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens. I strive to gain and learn as much as possible, and provide my customers the best service I can. I love to travel, I love my job more than pretty much anything, I love to learn new things. www.myspace.com/backslashamazing I SUPPORT: ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PIERCERS www.safepiercing.org BMEZINE/IAM www.bmezine.com www.iam.bmezine.com LEROI www.leroi.com ANATOMETAL www.anatometal.com NEOMETAL www.neometal.com INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH www.isbodyjewelry.com EVERYONE in the industry trying to make improvements, trying their best to make this industry safe, educators, travelors, stone throwers. And ROLLER DERBY!

1018 Comm. Ave Boston MA / 44 Broad St. Nashua NH
Phone: 617-232-0870/603-595-8282

Profile Link: http://www.BodyMods.org/Shay

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